Samuel Lisboa is a young Brazilian designer, born and raised in Teófilo Otoni, interior of Minas Gerais.

His trajectory begins in childhood. He manifested himself unpretentiously through music and doodles on papers and murals. Playing soccer has never been his forte, even with such insistence on his part. He is the son of a housewife and fatherless at the age of 10. He lived a long and good part of his life with his mother and his two brothers and had several family inspirations. Since his music-loving uncles, his older brother, who had a passion for drawing tour buses, and his weaver aunt passionate about plants.

In mid-2008, he had his first contact with urban culture, which from then on would greatly shape and influence his artistic thinking and predilections. He remained active through breakdancing competitions, regional presentations and social projects for almost ten years, in addition to being responsible for spreading it in his school, neighborhood and city.

In 2010, frustrated by the high price charged for silkscreen customization, he found out that he could transpose his creations to t-shirts both manually and stenciling. Together with his twin brother, they developed prints for several years – they reflected the moment they lived in: Comic Cons style and Facebook memes. At the end of the day, incomes only maintained their addiction to sneakers.

After this period, they created a streetwear brand that was fundamental for him to find himself in photography and illustration. In addition, they were able to learn in practice about organization, dedication, partnership and teamwork. Undoubtedly, that was the greatest meaning of success. They dedicated themselves to T-shirts until the beginning of adulthood. Samuel also started working full time as a clothing designer at a specialized company where he learned about knitwear, fabrics, and the entire print pre-production process that takes place before manufacturing.

In 2017, two years after completing high school, he started studying Architecture & Urbanism, the only local undergraduate option that would keep him in touch with art. But Architecture surprised him, and brought possibilities that he would never have imagined, in addition to making him passionate about furniture. For him, it was able to elevate his imagination and shape his creation, an excellent contributor to his visual perception.

However, it was necessary to give up some things for others to happen. During this period, it was not easy to keep the dance and the business with his brother while studying and working full-time.

The following year, he joined a marketing and design agency. In it, he was responsible for the photographic sector and was part of the creative sector. He served restaurants, children's stores, luxury, sports and jewelry stores, gym, mechanic workshop, agribusiness, construction company, among others. Of the 9-person team, he was the last to be hired and the only one to remain when the owner decided to close the company and conclude the existing contracts. A partnership that lasted for almost a year.

Then Samuel starts a solo career. As a self-taught person, getting his hands dirty was never a problem for him. It was not a simple change of plans, however, as he had already been married for two months with good bills to pay. From there, he went even deeper into his research on design, expanding his knowledge and techniques. And in May 2019, he founded FreeHub Studio, a company specialized in visual identity. He brought together art, design, photography and architecture - all the influences that have built him over the years.

In parallel to everything he did, Samuel never stopped serving his local church, volunteering for several years through music and media. He believes in artistic expression through the manifestation of the Creator.

In December 2020, he moved to England, UK with his wife and daughter, starting a new stage in his life. He is ready to challenge himself and live new experiences: his greatest fulfillment is being able to deliver, wherever he goes, excellence through the fruits of his journey.
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